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The special deal

For the long run, we decided that a subscription should cost about 1 Euro per month which we will periodically readjust. However, we still offer a special deal and heavily reduced prices.

Proposals which became part of our roadmap

We have been discussing your proposals and have come up with a roadmap for the next few months. Here is what you can expect during winter 2021.

What happened when the game desyncs?

This is a heavily discussed topic in our community. Over time some complex theories were evolved. However, none of those theories is correct.

The show stopper for gigantic farming accounts

More and more ‘farming accounts’ appeared because of an abuse which allowed to surpass the character maximum. This update puts this to an end.

Bugfix and relaunch faucet

Update 8.0 caused a major bug which caused clients to crash when the marketplace was used. In today’s Update 8.1, we fix this issue and relaunch the faucet.

The Performance Update

In our Update 8.0, we have improved the performance and introduced NEAT features you will surely love.

How to perfect trading with Ainz

In this interview, we had talked with the gamer Ainz Ooal Gown who plays the market as Paganini played the violin and made some Lites to a dozen Litecoins.

How to master the game with early adopter Postpunk

The first few weeks after our official release on August the 4th were enough for some gamers to became real masters. One of them is Postpunk.

Differences between public and private trades

After our Update 7.0 the private trade was temporarily broken while public trades still functioned as intended. But why wasn’t the private trade affected?

Fixing the private trading bug

Since our update 7.0 private trades were bugged. We fixed this issue in our latest update.