The Arrival of the Doombringer

To arms LiteBringers, your world needs you!

The Doombringer has entered the world of Asirenia to plunge it into eternal darkness, rejoicing in a flood of death, feeding on trepid and weak souls.

Drive away the demonic darkness and get your hands on event-exclusive epic gear!

  • Event Duration: The arrival of the Doombringer is a one-time event which only runs from September 13 till September 27, 2021!
  • Seize the day: This event is your chance to face Darrimon the Doombringer so don’t miss it! You can find him in the ‘The Rift’ and he appears in three difficulty levels. Once the event is over, Darrimon will be gone for good… at least for now.
  • Exclusive rewards: You will be rewarded with precious emblems which you can exchange at a specific trader for epic gear of Tier 2, 4 and 6. This special equipment will ONLY be obtainable during this event. Grab it while it’s hot so you won’t have to shed tears later for missing out!

Join this unique event now and make the most of it! The Doombringer is waiting for your arrival!