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Let’s take a look at update 16, part III

Release 16 is around the corner! Check out the final teaser to conclude our update sneak peek.

Let’s take a look at update 16, part II

The forthcoming Update 16 is packed with quite some stuff so it’s time for the next teaser, LiteBringers!

Monthly Adjustment of Subscription

At the beginning of each month, LiteBringer’s subscription fee will be adjusted to the value of roughly 1 Euro.

Let’s take a look at update 16

The release of update 16 is getting closer, LiteBringers, right in time to wrap up an eventful year. Are you curious about what we have prepared this time? Then read on, and also check back later as further sneak peeks will be added to this article once a week!

The Blockchain explained in 3 minutes

Let’s take a quick look at what the blockchain is and how it can be explained to a stranger during an elevator ride.

Update 15: Second part of the Summer Content Update

With this Update, we round up the planned content update, we have planned for this summer. Here is what was changed.

Update: Patch Release-14.1

Way too many players encounter Error 2004 when using the new free transactions, which is why we have decided to publish a patch before Release-15.