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All you need to know about transaction fees

While you won’t really recognize the small fee it is the very reason blockchains will live forever.

Blockchain Applications: How industries can benefit

Blockchain technology is here to stay and will influence many aspects of everyday life.

Jrlmjr and Shyrus: The East India Company of LiteBringer

If you ever used the trade channel on our official Discord server it is nearly impossible to not know them. After this interview, you will know them and their strategies even better.

Our special deal for streamers

If you enjoy streaming and are considering showing LiteBringer to your fans, we want to support you.

How to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange

Choosing an exchange is one of the hardest tasks for a beginner. This article helps you to pick the right one for you.

What kind of crypto wallet fits your needs best

Choosing the right kind of wallet can be difficult. There are several types of wallets providing different ways to store and access digital currency.

How mining cryptocurrency works

The chance is high that as you have heard the phrase “crypto mining” for the first time your mind began to wander to a fantasy of hardworking dirty miners and pickaxes. That analogy is not too far off.

Fixing the memory leak

With the last update, we had a major issue with the RAM usage which skyrocketed after some time. This update puts this to an end and enhances the performance significantly.

Who is the greatest of them all?

With Update 9.0 we have released a huge amount of features, one of them is awaited since our Mainnet Release: Highscores!

Where to find the ‘Send currency’ feature

Since Update 9.0 the feature which enables you to send funds from your LiteBringer account to any other wallet is no longer hidden in the settings.