What you can expect for Update 11

In this article we are going to give you insights into our update 11, the great content update. Every second Thursday we will add a new subsection in which we will announce and introduce part of the content. So come back regularly.

We have decided that we will split the content described into 2 content updates. This is because of some delays in the creation of artworks. You won’t really notice that the content will be delivered in 2 parts for the following reasons. The first part contains the full gameplay experience and the second part will just enlarge it. In addition, the second part will be published only about 1 month after the first part. Our plan is to release Update 11 in June 2021.

New rare resources

Regarding resources, we had identified a major problem. Both, Elemental Stones and Shards went through a high level of deflation. For that reason, we have come up with a solution that renews their rarity and scarcity on the resource market. At the same time, it solves another core problem. Inventories of our die-hard fans spill over from the sheer mass of equipment because dismantling them is not cost-efficient. They have simply got more efficient ways to get Elemental Stones.

The update will turn “trash” into gold. A new resource type will be introduced which will also be needed to level up equipment items. This resource type can be obtained by dismantling equipment items or as a reward for completing certain quests.

Every tier of equipment items will have a subtype of the new rare resource, which will be needed to level up and which will be rewarded by dismantling these items. Epic equipment items will have an extra resource subtype, which will again be subdivided for the single tier levels of epic items. The same is true when dismantling. Of course, not only equipment that was obtained after the update can be dismantled for these resources.

Content Extension

The core content will be extended with 2 new tiers, each of them divided into 8 bosses. To further reduce the amount of “trash” equipment that is generated, the new bosses will not drop equipment but new resources. Each tier has its own resource type which can be used for the new trader quests in order to buy equipment items of the player’s choice.

Like the amount of equipment that is dropped, the amount of resources increases over time until it reaches a specific limit. Once this limit has been reached, the amount of resources you receive will stay at that same level. Epic equipment items will not drop on these new quests. Instead, they can be bought for a greater amount of the dropped resources when doing the trader quest. Also note, there will be no weekly quest for the epic equipment of these tiers. Normal ressources for these tiers can also be bought through the trader quest but not the rare resources which are needed for equipment.

The new bosses will be on a new island/continent due to a lack of space on the map.