‘Ask me anything’ about Update 11!

We asked our community on Discord what they really want to know about the update and answered the best-rated ones. Here are the results.

Falense: What are your plans for the current resource types and how will they incorporate them into the new game mechanics?

The general mechanics regarding the current resource types are not altered in any way. The new resource simply adds a completely new aspect to the gameplay, making it more complex.

Falense: What will happen to Realm Gate?

Realm Gate is not going to be replaced. The elements that give you a bonus at the moment will remain effective in the future, and you will continue to win shards as a reward. Consequently, knights will continue to be the most efficient shard farmers after the update. However, we decided to improve balance: We will cap the number of rounds you can stay in one mission. Moreover, characters won’t earn XP for clearing it.

Falense: What will the requirements for the new T7 bosses be?

In order to start the new T7 quests you must clear all T6 quests and attain a specific power value. We cannot reveal the required power value yet as we may do some adjustments before the update.

The mechanics are not changed in principle, but there may be some alterations. Elements and effects will still be very important. However, the combinations of elements and effects required to clear all the missions of a Tier get diversified.

Sharrel: What will change in Update 11 to help with this market deflation?

We intend to fight deflation by introducing new resources, items and extremely rare and valuable legendaries while maintaining the current high level at which existing resources are consumed. Consequently, the amount of high-tier farmers will be distributed more evenly in the game, reducing the number of shards that are farmed per day. Of course, the players who invested in getting perfect farming gear won’t leave, but everybody else will find it more rewarding to adjust their strategy so they will be among the first to sell something rare.

Sharrel: There is a new marketing program coming with Update 11 to increase the player base?

Absolutely! We already have campaigns planned that utilize faucet 3.0, which will be published together with Update 11. We are convinced that the game will profit from an easier and more convenient start, which is a good reason to win new gamers.

Moreover, we aim to win back players who have tried LiteBringer before. For a limited period of time, each character that starts a fresh subscription will win some extra free transactions!

EduPapai: How can we expect that the big whales of the game don’t take early control of the market of these new resources with multiple accounts with well-leveled and well-geared chars?

Generally speaking, it is not really possible on a true blockchain game to prevent players from getting to the top by investing in several accounts. In order to do so, we would need to start logging IP addresses of our customers, in other words – collect their data. This would conflict with a major design principle of LiteBringer and with our vision of the game.

What we will do instead is to adjust quest requirements, so that characters need specific amounts of evolves to start it. Sure, someone willing to invest time and money to play 2 accounts with highscore-listed characters in both will not be stopped by a quest requirement. However, if you only have limited time and money at your disposal, then you will be better off focusing on a decent amount of characters instead.

thiagommoller: Will the evolve requirements to be changed and will gamers with a lot of evolves pay retroactively the missing resources?

First of all, changing the rule set for game operations which have already taken place and penalizing those who carried them out would be an extremely radical solution. We would only ever do this in case there was a game-breaking problem – the kind of mistake which needs to be reverted instantly for the sake of the whole community.

If we made everyone who has a high number of evolves pay retroactively, we would give many dedicated players a good reason to quit, so this is a no–go for us. However, we also do not want to give early players an unfair advantage by making it more difficult for late starters to reach comparable levels. Consequently, new content is designed in a way that those who have highly evolved gear have an advantage farming T7, but they will not have better starting conditions once they start working towards higher levels.

Shyrus: Do you intend to make LiteBringer whale-friendly someday?

The introduction of legendaries in Update 11, which require much time and resources to produce, means there will be new assets in the game that will surely be of much interest to so-called whales. On top of that, our focus for the new update has been to provide more balance to the game mechanics and to increase fun for our players. Winning a share of the speculation done by a small number of big whales is clearly a nice thing, but our vision is to create a game in which a larger percentage of our community can benefit and enjoy playing. We are aware that this is not a standard among typical blockchain games, but we are confident enough to try a different philosophy and do pioneering work even in this field.

Litebringer 101: Nowadays we have a huge unbalance in the classes. Will the Update give forgotten classes missions in which they can excel and have priority? Also, there will be new skills on the characters tree for the tier 7 and 8?

There will be no new effects. Our aim is to provide every class with specific tasks in which they perform outstandingly well, but the fact remains that in the current content assassins, warriors and battle mages do a bit too well. We are not planning to nerf these classes, but to give other classes stronger positions in the new tiers.

Tom_Nogueira: Is there a possibility to zoom the map with the mouse scroll?

Oh, we already have this on our list! Sadly, we cannot tell when you will get this feature – because we don’t know that yet, either. When we did our long-term planning and established our roadmap, we gave each feature a score based on several factors.

The most important of these factors was whether or not a feature was considered necessary to improve the core mechanics of the game. Developing features of this kind takes priority. Features which we consider “nice to have” fill in gaps and are developed whenever there is some time left. Sadly, no such gap has presented itself to create a scrollable map yet. But maybe in future?

nodecache: What are you doing to enhance the performance?

We are constantly working on addressing performance issues, and each update included at least 1 performance feature.

However, the blockchain technology used comes with limitations which cannot be overcome as long as we are sticking by it: One of the core principles in the creation of LiteBringer has been to create a game which can operate independently without the need for maintenance or control by the publisher. This was not just because we felt that it was a cool feature, but we also believed our players would love such a game. Based on the feedback we received during the last half-year or so, we have learned that while many of you indeed appreciate this idea, a high number of gamers value performance and convenience even more.

To give an example, we have implemented an additional service in Update 11 which helps to calculate highscores, which used to be a slow process due to the massive amount of data that has to be processed.

We take your opinions seriously, and your feedback is taken into account for future development. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have everything in one client. Whenever performance is improved, the client’s dependence on centralized services increases in nearly equal measure. Consequently, our aim for the future is to increase centralization in order to get the kind of performance our players ask for while at the same time offering the option of using a client which can run fully independently.

When it comes to the matter of decentralization, the decision on what the future will look like lies with our community. At this point, we cannot even be sure that playing LiteBringer independently will still be the dominant way to play the game in the distant future, even though that was one of our main goals from the start. We are curious to learn where the future will take us, and we are happy to go on this journey with you.