Update 15: Second part of the Summer Content Update

With this Update, we round up the planned content update, we have planned for this summer. Here is what was changed.

In general, Update 15 does exactly what we have promised a few months ago as we introduced our plans for this summer. Consequently, you get the missing Tier with this Update. But we added some more things that weren’t announced yet! For instance, we have continued the legendary questline and added a new event boss. In the following lists, you find all relevant changes of Update 15.

New Features

  • Schedule for weekly epic quests adjusted and split up
  • Higher tier monsters and rewards
  • Emblem costs for Dragonsteel Fragments adjusted
  • Rare fragments for Tier 7 and 8 are available at fragment traders
  • Arrival of the Doombringer – a new event quest which will be available only for a limited amount of time
  • Continuation of the legendary questline
  • Daily quest has a fixed time-based schedule
  • Character subscriptions are suspended while the game is in lock mode or disabled
  • The tips shown during the loading cycle routinely
  • Improved visibility of advanced classes in class filters
  • Added optional closing confirmation


  • Fixed estimated amount of trader quests
  • Character keys are now shown in buy offers
  • Fixed position of quest map when switching tabs or maps
  • Error reports cannot be sent on mempool chaining errors
  • Trades can be canceled in any case
  • Fixed an issue which causes characters to be stuck in pending