The show stopper for gigantic farming accounts

More and more ‘farming accounts’ appeared because of an abuse which allowed to surpass the character maximum. This update puts this to an end.

In the last few weeks more and more ‘farming accounts’ appeared which had more than the allowed 20 characters. This was possible because of a bug which allowed gamers to buy characters with a running subscription even if the limit for the subscripted character was already reached. This bug is now closed.

The client doesn’t update itself. Get the new client here:

In addition, we implemented a soft limit which makes completing an
additional subscription impossible once the limit is reached. Consequently,
abusers of the bug won‚t be able to play with more than the regular amount once their subscriptions are over.

Furthermore, we made fixed several other bugs and implemented improvements:

  • Fixed incorrect prices in private trades
  • Fixed vanishing private trades
  • Fixed vanishing equipment compilation saves and names
  • Fixed incorrect level information of skills after an evolve
  • Fixed a bug allowing to have more than 20 character subscriptions running
  • Improved subscription buy dialog