Bugfix and relaunch faucet

Update 8.0 caused a major bug which caused clients to crash when the marketplace was used. In today’s Update 8.1, we fix this issue and relaunch the faucet.

While the Performance Update 8.0 indeed solved some major performance issues and speeded the game up with some neat features it also caused a major bug which happened when the market was used. The bug was so severe that the client crashed and needed to be restarted. Consequently, we decided to publish an update as fast as possible to solve this issue.

In addition, we want to announce that we relaunched an enhanced faucet. If you haven’t been successfully requested lites you should pay him a visit and you will have the chance to get some lites for free! Please note, the faucet only hands out to a certain amount of people until it needs a cool down. If you aren’t lucky on the first try, come back later!