Jrlmjr and Shyrus: The East India Company of LiteBringer

If you ever used the trade channel on our official Discord server it is nearly impossible to not know them. After this interview, you will know them and their strategies even better.

So, who are both of you and why did you start playing LiteBringer?

Shyrus: Hello, I’m Shyrus and I play Litebringer with two of my brothers. I got to know about LiteBringer because we were longtime Tibia players. We used to play Tibia back in 2003 with the dial-up internet. We started playing LiteBringer because we liked the idea, that every resource you have in the game is actually valuable and you can legally turn it into real money.

Jrlmjr: For pleasure. I am Jrlmjr, I am 27 years old, a lawyer in Brazil and a lover of poetry, philosophy, psychoanalysis, economics, logic, hermeneutics and constitutionalism. I got to know about Litebringer from friends in Tibia, which I have played since 2001, practically my whole childhood. When I heard about LiteBringer, I confess that I first took a backseat. But when analyzing the game’s market, I realized that this could be very profitable.

How did you both get in touch with each other?

Shyrus: Hmm, I believe jrlmjr was looking for a Tier 6 equipment set on the Discord trade channel. I used to be a big supplier back then. I used to sell some equipment to him, but pretty soon he became a supplier as well. We started brainstorming about strategies, game future, improvements and other stuff.

Jrlmjr: Correct. I bought my initial sets from Shyrus and started to farm my resources, both to grow in the game and to trade in order to recover the initial investment I had made as well as make a little profit.

How is this possible? Aren’t you competitors on the market?

Shyrus: I think we used to be competitors when we both were trying to sell Tier 6 equipment, but this market crashed a long time ago because there were too many sellers.

Nowadays we mainly sell Tier 6 Legendaries and Green Shards. I think the demand for these 2 items is way higher than the amount we can produce. We usually discuss prices, but we don’t have any kind of agreement. I can sell the items for how much I want to and so can he.

Jrlmjr: I’m not sure if we even were competitors selling these sets because I didn’t have as much in stock at the time and didn’t sell as much as Shyrus did. Since my investment was rather conservative, I didn’t start with 20 characters right away. I started with 8 and I split them between making sets, shards and stones. Over time I had enough characters to farm everything I needed, so I started to profit from sales. We did not have any agreement at the time and today we are friends discussing the future of the market, prices, etc.

What is your goal?

Shyrus: LiteBringer used to be just another game to me, so my main goal was to have some fun and be on the relevant leaderboards. Now I also see an opportunity to make a living out of it, as a part time job.

Jrlmjr: Initially my goal was to invest. I joined Litebringer because I saw an excellent investment opportunity and good market growth. Currently, I enjoy the competitiveness and the competition for leadership on the leaderboard.

Do you still have fun while gaming or is it just about doing business?

Shyrus: I still have some fun, mainly when I get a rare Tier 6 Legendary, haha. To be honest, I used to have much more fun when I wasn’t able to do all quests in the game, when I was still figuring out an efficient game strategy. Right now it’s kind of a mid-term, I’m doing business, but I also have some fun while I’m doing it. I believe with the release of new content (next update), there will be a need to figure out the best or most efficient strategy again and that’s something I really enjoy.

Jrlmjr: As I said, initially it was just an opportunity for investment and profit. At the moment I confess that I enjoy the competitiveness of the game and I imagine that it will be even better in future. So, right now, I really enjoy the game.

How much have you invested and what did you get in return?

Shyrus: I did not invest anything. I started on September 20th, 2020 and my only funding came from the emergency faucet on Discord. So far I’ve earned a little over 35 LTCs. One of my brothers started in December 2020, with an initial investment of 0.2 LTCs. Up to now, he has gathered 4.5 LTCs and his knight is worth about 4 LTCs.

Jrlmjr: I started in November 2020 and invested 0.5 LTC. At that time, one Litecoin cost about 60-70 dollars. Up to now, I have managed to earn a little bit more than 22 LTCs, that is within 2 months and excluding what I have reinvested, the number of items I have still up for sale or the production that is still ongoing. It is just insane!
Despite all this, there is still a LOT of space for new players and new investors. The game has just begun and the market has still got many opportunities.

We have already communicated, that we will release new content in the near future. How do you prepare yourselves?

Shyrus: I have just stopped selling resources and I’m starting to stock them up, buying any cheap offer I see. I believe there will be a large number of these needed to be able to clear new contents and if that’s true, the demand will increase and with that, the price will increase as well.

Jrlmjr: Regarding the next update, I imagine that the market will go to the moon. Even now, before the update, the market is still growing, with eventual losses at times when the price reaches a high level (normal volatility). The reason for my prognosis is that the new content will most likely be much more difficult than the current one. The simple reason: It will have to last until the next content update. With that in mind, I think the race for the leadership and the unlocking of the new content will be huge.

Like Shyrus, I think there are not enough resources going around for everyone to be able to have characters at the top of the game, so prices will go up. In my view, there are two possible strategies: Save the resources to sell them after the update or use them to be able to reach the new goals within the game. Who knows what awaits us reaching the new goals. Probably incredible legendary and rare items? We’ll soon find out.

Would you mind telling us your strategy?

Shyrus: I’d say the most important strategy is to have a deep understanding of the game mechanics. It’s very important to know exactly how Power, Elements and Effects will affect the number of rounds of a chosen quest and consequently the reward amount. If you know the game and have the know-how to calculate the sum of an arithmetic progression, you can calculate the reward amount. With that you can create lots of spreadsheets and find out what is the most efficient way to reinvest your resources.

Studying the market, finding out what the demand is and trying to farm that resource, efficiently, is my/a good strategy. Certain classes are best for certain specific tasks. A properly geared and skilled character can farm more than ten times the amount of Green Shards than a poorly geared or poorly skilled character with the same investment.

I believe I was the first player that had a fully skilled Knight back in October. In total, I reinvested more than 2 LTCs to build him – Fighter Scrolls used to cost 15 lites each back then. I used him to farm big amounts of Green Shards which sold quite well. I sold 4k Green Shards for 320 lites. Within a month I had my investment back. From that time on, that character was just generating profit. For instance, the day before this interview I sold 1kk Green Shards for 3 LTCs.

Jrlmjr: I can only agree with Shyrus. Focusing on how to adapt to unknown future content: You can either save your resources for the future and buy up cheap resource offers – and they will be sold cheaper at some point due to the need for some players, who are new to making quick money, to repay their subscriptions and to continue growing their account. You will then be able to sell them after the update when their price rises. This way you will make some easy money. Or you can save your resources for the future and use them when we have the information we need to know where to properly invest those resources to compete for new markets early on.

To me the issue here seems to be more temporal: Those who are not afraid to invest before the update will have more gains than those who are conservative. This does not mean that after the update it is not worth investing in the game. On the contrary, after the update the market will be on fire and you will profit. The point is that before the update your investment will come at a cheaper price and it will probably bring you an earlier return, compared to those who invest later. The game is still in an embryonic phase and just beginning. The update, will be its birth and you will have many years of life ahead, to eternity.

What would you recommend to newcomers?

Shyrus: Learn the GAME MECHANICS!

If you can afford to invest in the game, do it efficiently so you can get your investment back fast and grow to start profiting. Create or buy 20 characters as fast as you can. Buy some cheap T6 equipment sets. Gear your characters with them. Progress all these gears to level 15. In 1 to 2 days, you will be able to evolve your characters into advanced classes. From this moment on, you have enough power to do the weekly scroll quest. Scrolls are the cash cows for beginners because each scroll sells for 0.5 to 2 lites.

If you can’t afford to invest in the game, try selling every scroll you get until you have a better understanding of the game. Try creating more characters with the lites you get from the scrolls. As soon as you made some lites buy a few T6 gears to grow.

After that you’ve got to find out what you want to farm and do it EFFICIENTLY. You don’t waste precious resources on things that aren’t going to be useful.

Jrlmjr: Learn to be EFFICIENT!

Everything you do, the more efficient you are, the more profit you will make. There is no point in investing 5 LTCs in a character to farm something, if he does not do it well. That is practically like throwing your money out of the window, even if the character will farm relatively well. If that same value had been used for another more efficient character in that specific location, you’d be doing a LOT more. The whole game is based on efficiency.

Learn to observe how the market behaves, what is in short supply. Act when you see that there is a current or future buying trend. Use the leaderboard to check what other players are doing. There is no point in producing 100 tons of meat for a vegetarian market. Your 100 tons of meat will not even be worth 1 kilo of vegetables. Understand that the existence of the value of something is directly linked to the demand and the need it has for a system.

If you have the possibility to start the game with an investment, this will put you well ahead of other players. Start by trying to create a little of each. Create your T6 farmers, your stone farmers and your shard farmers, thereby making yourself self-sufficient. If that is not an option, start slowly. Sell your initial scrolls to get money for subscriptions and never run out of funds. Reinvest your shards and stones in your character to get him to farm more and more.