Update 15: Second part of the Summer Content Update

With this Update, we round up the planned content update, we have planned for this summer. Here is what was changed.

Changes in the LiteBringer team

We are happy to announce a number of changes in our team, which will amount to a significant step forward both in regards to development and to communication.

Moderation guidelines: How moderators should act

While moderators originally only supported the Community Management by deleting spam and bots, their position became more and more important over time. This guideline should give them more security regarding their rights and duties.

Update 14: Bringing the client back to life

After being offline for 5 days, we are finally back and hope it was the last time something like that happened.

Client down for maintenence

We are still working on a proper fix. Basically, we have 2 options at the moment.

Update 13: Fixing THE bug

Finally we are able to publish Update 13, which resolves a critical bug and un-locks the client.

Client is currently locked for some maintenance

To protect your assets from a nasty bug we are currently working on, we have decided to lock the client. You will be able to game again soon.

Do not dismantle any assets before the next update!

We advise you not to dismantle any equipment! There is currently a bug which includes items you want to keep in the dismantling process without you noticing, while you are dismantling other items. So, please don’t dismantle anything for the moment.

Update 12: Bugfixes and readjusted game mechanics

While this update seems to be a major update, it is just fixing some bugs which were introduced in update 11.

Update 11: New content and countless features

We are proud to announce Update 11, the biggest and most complex update we have released so far. To celebrate it, we have prepared presents for everyone!