How to get started

Download our mainnet client to play directly on the Litecoin blockchain. Trade with others and earn real money. You are just one click away from earning Litecoin while enjoying our game.

Play for free

LiteBringer is completely free to play, there are no microtransactions or monthly fees required.

The only 'cost' you will encounter is the mining fee which is paid to the miner who mines the block that includes your transaction.

Installing LiteBringer

Getting started

Testnet client still available

We wanted to keep an option to test features and give you the chance to keep on playing on your current test account, which is why we will continue supporting the testnet client for some time. If you just want to test our game, the testnet client is everything you are looking for.

As a fully decentralized game, LiteBringer is still playable on the Litecoin Blockchain even though its development was discontinued at the end of March 2022.