Update 15.1: Fixes and Features

We have just released a new client version including a few features and bug fixes.

Here is a list of the changes:


  • The client only connects to stable Litecoin nodes (can be changed in the settings)
  • The action “Send on Quest” while using free transactions does not block the client anymore
  • Reduced the required amount of loading data on startup when using the balance tracker service
  • Transaction history and tax report are now loaded on demand when using the balance tracker service

Bug Fixes

  • Action button now changes to “Buy from NPC” in all character subviews
  • Fixed estimated resource amounts for quests
  • The hint for open temporary quests now shows grouped quests correctly
  • Two mines are no longer counted as open temporary quests
  • Tooltip for quest restarts now shows correct number of blocks
  • Traders will now only accept confirmed resources
  • Fixed a rare issue with the block timer
  • Free transactions are no longer visible when viewing another account
  • All a boss‘s resistances are now shown in the overview of the map
  • Fixed map indication now showing if a boss can be beaten
  • Added option to send an error report for database corruption errors
  • “Sell” button is now disabled when there are no items in the sell offer
  • Handling of a corrupt account file added
  • Sending currency is now possible even with lots of unspent outputs
  • Added hint that a subscription cannot be bought while using free transactions
  • Added progress report when using multiple dismantle transactions