Update 14: Bringing the client back to life

After being offline for 5 days, we are finally back and hope it was the last time something like that happened.

Like Update 13, this update is only a major one because the fixes for the urgent bugs needed a version increase. We are happy to announce, that not a single asset was lost during the last troublesome days and every game operation is still valid. Besides the critical bug which has lead to a not deterministic re-allocation of multiple depot IDs, we fix 2 other bugs and added a feature, which should make the importance of desyncs clearer for newcomers.

New Features:

  • Added a lock mode for client if integrity hash dismatches


  • Fixed a critical bug in migration which leads to a not deterministic re-allocation of multiple depot IDs
  • Fixed a bug which allowed to double equip the same item
  • Fixed a visual bug when client is in lock mode while waiting for an update

With this update, you get automatically a refund. We extended all subscriptions by 7 days. This adds up with the refund you got last weekend to 10 extra days.