Update 13: Fixing THE bug

Finally we are able to publish Update 13, which resolves a critical bug and un-locks the client.

Last Friday, we found a bug which included items you wanted to keep in the dismantling process without you noticing, while you were dismantling other items. This is something we had already mentioned in our Newsticker.

Unfortunately, the same was true when selling pieces of equipment.

To protect our gamers, we decided to lock the client for a short period of time while we were searching and solving said bug in a team wide crunch time. Now, just 1 day and a few hours after locking the client, we are publishing the fix.

We are sorry, that you were not able to play and we think it goes without saying that we will give you some kind of compensation for the lost time. In the upcoming days we will announce on our blog, what exactly the compensation will look like. So, stay tuned.

If you think that you were affected by this bug, you don’t need to take any action: Everything will be fine once you installed the update.

If you believe that you have lost any assets despite the update, please reach out to us and – if possible – include a list of lost pieces of equipment.