Update 12: Bugfixes and readjusted game mechanics

While this update seems to be a major update, it is just fixing some bugs which were introduced in update 11.

After our update 11, a lot of owners of knights were puzzled because of the changes we had made regarding the Realm Gate quest. We have listened to your arguments and re-adjusted the maximum loot you can get as a reward from this quest.

In addition, we have fixed a bug which made quest requirements impossible.

While this update will fix some bugs on the client side, we are still working on problems regarding our services. Those won’t require an update. They will be activated as soon as we have finished working on them.


  • Fixed wrong quest requirements
  • Fixed wrong attribute values on legendary questline weapons
  • Adjusted Realm Gate quest maximum loot container cap
  • Fixed missing label of Archmage Esorin’s Silk Robe