Update 11: New content and countless features

We are proud to announce Update 11, the biggest and most complex update we have released so far. To celebrate it, we have prepared presents for everyone!


Update 11 comes with a long list of changes. We have added weekly and daily quests, new resources, legendary quest lines, an additional service which will help you to calculate the highscores and many other things.

The update does not only come with a lot of quality regarding the new features, services and a higher performance, but with new content. Prepare yourself to explore a completely new tier as well as some improved mechanics which will change your gaming experience and the market fundamentally.

One tier may not sound like very much content but we had to split the content and will release the rest with the next update. You won‘t even realize that some content will be delivered at a later stage because we have planned to release it in the very near future. And here is the full list of all the changes:

The full list of all changes

New Features:

  • New area with higher tier monsters and rewards
  • A new daily quest
  • A new legendary questline
  • Equipment items will now additionally need metal fragments to level up
  • Dismantling rewards with metal fragments instead of elemental stones
  • Weekly epic equipment quests will now reward with rare metal fragments instead of sky shards
  • All quests will now have an evolve requirement depending on their tier
  • Revamped faucet, which pays transaction fees for players directly – Every player gets a free transaction budget
  • Newly created characters will now get their first subscription for free
  • Added a restricted status for newly created characters
  • Added a leaderboard service, which directly delivers data without local calculation
  • Synchronization now works parallel
  • Maximum of loot containers of Realm Gate quest is now capped
  • Removed experience points from Realm Gate quest


  • Fixed a bug in the equipment compilations
  • Fixed wrong loot possibilities in weekly quests
  • Fixed too long-running subscriptions
  • Fixed incorrect block timer
  • Fixed missing trade offer prices
  • Fixed missing searching for offers indicator
  • Fixed a minor bug in trade offers
  • Fixed some typos

Presents for everyone!

We want to reward our loyal community and returnees with a little present. We will cover your next 600 transactions. To claim this bonus, simply get a subscription for your character and you will automatically get your bonus within a few minutes.

Players who decide to test LiteBringer for the first time will also get a present. Right after the account creation you will receive 600 free transactions which you can use to get a feeling of what you can expect from LiteBringer. You can use them to create one, two or even 20 characters. It is all up to you.