Never ever use your main wallet

You can use any wallet using SegWit and is written in the Bech32 format. But you should not! Here is the reason why this can cause serious problems.

In theory, you can use any address using SegWit and which is written in the Bech32 format. Please don’t! Using your existing wallet may cause major problems because obtained items can be lost forever.

Especially for blockchain gamers this news might be irritating because they are used to games operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is designed to deal with tokens and enables anyone using it to create their own properties. Therefore, the use of tokens is standardized and any wallet can interpret them properly.

Blockchains like Litecoin and Bitcoin however were not especially made for this use. Consequently, a normal wallet does not need to interpret tokens and therefore is unable to recognize our tokens.

LiteBringer uses tokens when trading, which are basically a tiny fraction of a Litecoin on which information is stored. For example, if an item is traded the whole transaction process including the change in ownership is engraved on the token.

Our wallet recognizes these tokens and interprets the stored data. For a normal wallet, the token is just a small sum of a Litecoin, which can be spent like the currency it is meant to be. If you use your own wallet for a transaction there is a chance that the token will be transferred as well.

Our client knows that the stored information is important and will not be destroyed, which is why it is impossible to use tokens in a way which would result in a lost item. If you use our in-built option to transfer funds to a different address the tokens will not be spent. In fact, they will not even appear as an available fund on your account.