How to perfect trading with Ainz

In this interview, we had talked with the gamer Ainz Ooal Gown who plays the market as Paganini played the violin and made some Lites to a dozen Litecoins.

Most of our community has already played for a month. Some have lost the lites we handed out for free, others made already a small fortune. In this interview, we will have a talk with the gamer Ainz Ooal Gown who plays the market as Paganini played the violin.

When did your journey start?

I started playing LiteBringer on September 17th, around 8:00 PM. Sitting on my throne, answering the holy call of mother nature when I saw an ad about this game that CipSoft had made, and decided to try it out. Since I was already sitting upon a throne, might as well try to act like a king, maybe a tyrant.

What was your main intention for playing LTB?

To be honest, Idle games always made me pretty hooked to them, stuff like Cookie Clicker, Idle Heroes, Tangerine Tycoon, you name it, I’ve probably played it. I just wanted to have some fun, and since CipSoft was a company I was already quite familiar with, it was a plus.

How many lites did you start with?

I started with 10 lites that were given to me to start playing, on the 17th. However, I didn’t play for longer than one hour that day, I’d say I truly started the next day.

How many do you have now?

Right now I sit with around 3000 lites in my wallet, sometimes I got to transfer some to another wallet…I kinda got into day trade with cryptos after starting on LiteBringer.

Were there further investments?

Nah, zero, nada. The 10 lites were all I had.

What’s the secret?

You must play the market. However, most people coming in want to just ‘make some money’ outta it. They are too scared to try anything, holding to every lite they can get. This makes it very easy to play the market. Surely, there are bigger fish than me as when it comes to how many lites they have. But since the game is still fresh, even people with small investments can play a big role there.

Does knowing the mechanics of the gameplay a big role in staying ahead?

Indeed, not knowing the specifics of the game, how it operates on a certain tier, makes it so you have to waste not only a not of time re-equipping characters, but also waste a LOT of stones on the process.

What are the things that you can do in the market?

Since people aren’t sure of the price of certain resources, they tend to hold them or just try to analyze the market not too deeply. Thus, if I flood the market with hundreds of offers of a certain value, it leads the majority of the player base to ACTUALLY believing that is the price of a resource. From there onward, I just need to buy all their stones, and cancel my offers, playing the market.

That is but one of dozens of things that can be done there.

Does knowing how to play the market play a big role in progressing quickly?

A hundred percent! For a very fast progression, you need not only to know how the game works. Besides that, get even more resources than your regulars characters would farm — through the market.

Why are you sharing your secrets?

I just think the game would be way more fun if I had more people trying to do the same, right now it’s been a bit boring to be honest…since I’m catching up to Postpunk, which was my main goal, lol. On Top of that, the thrill of having people trying to compete would make me smile.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!

You are welcome!