How to master the game with early adopter Postpunk

The first few weeks after our official release on August the 4th were enough for some gamers to became real masters. One of them is Postpunk.

Most people only heard about LiteBringer since we announced our release in the Litening series of our partner the Litecoin Foundation. However, LiteBringer is a bit older than that. We released officially, on August the 4th but did not announce it broadly. Nevertheless, some gamers found us, tested it and already became masters.

One of these early adopters is Postpunk. When you are active on Discord you surely have seen the pink fluffy unicorn on a rainbow he is using as a profile picture. In our interview tells us how he got here and explains parts of his strategy.

When did you start playing LiteBringer?

I was there from the very first day when it was released on the mainnet. I would have played LiteBringer while it was still in the testing phase, but I was busy at the time.

So why did you start?

I stumbled over it when I was browsing for some blockchain games. After some research and when I realized it is a game which doesn’t use a server, I was hooked. In addition, the true ownership regarding in-game assets was interesting and worth giving it a shot.

Was there anything you liked about the gameplay of LiteBringer in particular?

To be honest, there are tons of games out there stating that they are free to play but it is impossible when you are a non-paying player to compete against paying players. In LiteBringer you know exactly what costs there are and if you are willing to pay for a subscription you have exactly the same chance as everyone else. Besides that, the reward system is a fair one. There is not one unique asset which brings money. LiteBringer is not a slot machine. You get rewarded when you understand the game and its mechanics and are better in adapting your strategy than others.

What other games are you playing?

I like MMORPGs in general and RTS in particular.

What is the most promising strategy to earn Litecoins?

To mine Litecoins. Just kidding. I think a good way to get Litecoins in LiteBringer is farming resources and to sell them on the marketplace.

What is the most important thing a beginner should remember when starting to play?

Go to the map and get a basic understanding of where you can find resources and equipment to progress to the next tier but also plan ahead! Which path through the tiers do you want to follow? This is a question which can and should be answered while waiting for the characters to complete their first few rounds of farming equipment.

What would you tell someone who wants to make progress fast?

Pick a broad variety of characters to get a matching gear set as fast as possible. In addition, do not lose time evolving your equipment. In comparison to the time, you will need to farm the elemental stones you will only get a minor power boost. Leveling up your equipment is more than enough for the first few tiers and should be your number 1 priority.

How would you describe your strategy in general?

Basically, I stick to the strategy I explained earlier: Stick with a broad variety!

Do you think you found the best strategy?

At this early stage this is difficult to say. The amount of hardcore gamers is still comparatively low. However, I do not believe that there is something like a ‘golden strategy‘. The strategies I’m aware of all have a different focus. Other players follow different plans and they still made good progress.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and your tips which will surely help beginners.

You are welcome!