The special deal for our release

For the long run, we decided that a subscription should cost about 1 Euro per month which we will periodically readjust. However, we still offer a special deal and heavily reduced prices.

We have decided to drop the subscription fees to an absolute minimum for a short period of time. You will be able to play our game with less than 10 percent of the later standard price.

A subscription costs currently 2 lites and enables you to play with one character for roughly a month.

All changes regarding the fees will be announced 1 month in advance.

In addition, there is a possibility to get a limited amount of real Litecoin right in the client for free. If you were unlucky, you can retry it after some time or join our Discord server where our Community Management will help you.

Update 2021Q3: This is not the case any more, Update-11 introduced ‘Free Transactions’ which cover mining fees.