Moderation guidelines: How moderators should act

While moderators originally only supported the Community Management by deleting spam and bots, their position became more and more important over time. This guideline should give them more security regarding their rights and duties.

What are moderators?

Moderators are experienced LiteBringer players who know the game and the community in Discord by heart. They help others to find their way around by answering questions and by giving general advice.

Note that moderators are not official representatives of CipSoft. They are not authorized to give orders to fellow players, and above all, they must not ask for account data. Statements given by moderators should be understood as personal opinions like those given by any other player. CipSoft cannot guarantee the authenticity of any such statements, and they may be subject to clarification by CipSoft at any point of time. Always keep in mind that a moderator is a regular player just like you.

Rights of moderators

Moderators have the right to punish rule violations and can either ban or kick regular members and VIPs.

A moderator has the right to decide which of the two options is appropriate and enforce the penalty.

A ban has to be reported to the Community Management.

Members are given one warning for the first rule violation. A second violation results in a ban or kick.

Kicked members can rejoin after 1 week. Banned members can ask the Community Management to be reinvited after 1 month. The Community Management can approve or reject this request on the basis of the gravity of the rule violation.

If a kicked or banned member violates the rules again within the first month after rejoining, said member will be banned permanently.

Moderators have the right to ban a member without any warnings if a member can be identified as a spammer. A spammer is a member who has only posted advertisements or coin requests in the public channel or has never sent a public message and contacts gamers via direct message. Moderators can also pin messages which are helpful or important for any other reason.

Moderators can only be kicked or banned by the Community Management.

Duties of moderators

The single most important duty of moderators is to answer questions concerning all aspects of LiteBringer. They must answer truthfully and to the best of their knowledge. They may also offer advice on problems concerning the rules, but their opinion do not necessarily reflect the official position of CipSoft. Every moderator is free to decide whether they want to answer in-depth questions concerning the content of the game, e.g. questions about quests or not. If necessary, they can escalate topics to the Community Management.

Moderators should act in an appropriate, dignified way befitting their position. There is a special code of conduct which moderators should follow when communicating with other players.

Players may choose to answer a moderator’s questions if they feel this will help solve the problem. However, there is no obligation to answer a moderator’s questions. Above all, players should keep in mind that any attempt to steal account data from other players is a serious offence of the LiteBringer Rules.

Under no circumstances must a moderator lead other players to believe that he or she is acting on behalf of CipSoft. Impersonating a member of the CipSoft Team is considered a serious violation of the LiteBringer Rules.

Code of conduct for moderators

To fulfill the expectations of the community, moderators should act according to the following guidelines at all times:

Be a rolemodel

Remember that even though moderators are still regular LiteBringer players, everybody will pay attention to the way they behave in the game. You should try to set an example for your fellow LiteBringer players. Play fair and make sure you follow the rules at all times. If you violate the rules, you will lose your reputation and position, on top of the regular punishment.

Be polite

Some players may be rude and irritating. Never get carried away. If a person proves to be tiresome, it is better to ignore this player rather than getting involved in some unnecessary argument. Maintain a polite and neutral level of conversation with players as well as with your fellow moderators. Remember that you should act as a role model and deal with problems on a professional basis.

Be calm

Do not give your answers in haste. Take your time. Answer only one question at a time and think carefully. If you know you haven‘t got the time, it is better to leave a question to some other moderator rather than trying to answer it in a rush.

Be precise

Always keep in mind that language poses a problem in LiteBringer, so moderators should make sure that players understand what they are saying. When talking to a player, express yourself in correct, well-chosen English sentences that are easy to grasp. If you encounter a player speaking the same language as you and that language is not English, you can of course switch to that language.

Be objective

Even though moderators do not act as official representatives of CipSoft, people will listen carefully when you speak, and if they feel you are biased, your reputation will suffer. Try putting personal feelings aside while acting as a moderator. If you feel you are biased, refer the question to another moderator.

Be informed

You will be asked many questions and you should be prepared to answer most of them without having to look up the answer first. Get familiar with the whole documentation and try to answer to the best of your knowledge. Support what you are saying by referring the player to the corresponding part of the official blog. If you are not sure about an answer, forward the question to somebody else rather than making something up. If you are confronted with a new problem, you should discuss it in the moderator channel first.

Be respectful

Although moderatorship entails some special features, moderators are still considered to be regular players in all other respects. Maintain a respectful attitude towards fellow moderators both in the game as well as on the boards. Finally, keep disagreements to the moderator channel and do not provoke pointless discussions.

Don’t be ironic / Don’t troll

Even if you don’t wish to be disrespectful and you just want to make a joke, keep in mind that written communication is always critical and a subtext is transported poorly via chat. Newcomers especially might be afraid of the reaction of the community and expect a friendly helpful voice from those who have an outstanding position. So, make a good first impression and be the moderator you would want to be in contact with as a newcomer.