Do not dismantle any assets before the next update!

We advise you not to dismantle any equipment! There is currently a bug which includes items you want to keep in the dismantling process without you noticing, while you are dismantling other items. So, please don’t dismantle anything for the moment.

Be cautious if you have weirdly behaving pieces of equipment: E.g. rings that can be equipped as helmets, equipment that can’t be used at all or can’t be dismantled. If this happens to you it might be a desynchronization error, in which case a resync would solve the problem. To resolve this go to the options and look for the ‘resync’ button. Click it and restart your client. Nevertheless, this might also be an error we have encountered because of which the client assigns the same depot numbers to multiple pieces of equipment. Therefore items can then get mixed up which causes this weird behavior.

In the worst case, it is possible to delete a piece of equipment, which you want to keep when dismantling another item. This happens when both have got the same depot number.

We will fix this issue as quickly as possible. Therefore, we are currently preparing an update which should be published on Tuesday, maybe earlier. In the meantime, we advise not to dismantle anything. If you encounter such entangled assets, there is no action you have to take. The update will fix this issue automatically.