Client is currently locked for some maintenance

To protect your assets from a nasty bug we are currently working on, we have decided to lock the client. You will be able to game again soon.

There is currently a bug which includes items you want to keep in the dismantling process without you noticing, while you are dismantling other items, as we had mentioned in our Newsticker before.

Unfortunately, the same is true when selling pieces of equipment. We are on it and won’t stop working before we have found and published a solution. For more information, check the Newsticker on our homepage.

We will keep you updated in this article and on Discord.

We are sorry that we had to use such drastic measures but protecting you and your assets is for us the one and only reason that legitimates such actions.


Update: We have found the bug and are currently fixing it. We expect to get it fixed today, but won’t publish it yet. Before we publish it, we want to test our client so we don’t release another bugged client. Expect the fix on Saturday. Please note that in the next few days, you will get a fair compensation for the time you have lost. (2.7.21, 5pm CET)