Client down for maintenence

We are still working on a proper fix. Basically, we have 2 options at the moment.

We have found a bug which causes clients to create different game states. We are still working on a proper fix and have the following 2 options.

The first one – what we are currently testing – is to merge the existing game data. While it is the more difficult option – of which we don’t know if it will work – it is also the more convenient and faster option for you. If this works out, you can expect a fix in the near future

If this is not possible, we will need to release another update again and – as with every major update – we will need to test the client first. In this case, we will need more time.

If we are forced to release another update, you will get the compensation right after the update. If we are faster, we will transfer the compensation with the next major release.

We will keep you updated in this article.


Update (6.7, 10 am CET): The rollback Ignatius mentioned yesterday, is off the table. We don’t need to revert any valid game operations.