Update 17: Final LiteBringer Update

As we announced about a month ago, we decided to discontinue LiteBringer’s development. Today, the final update has been released.

Removal of Subscription and Trading Fees

As of now, LiteBringer is completely free to play, there are no microtransactions or monthly fees required to play. The only ‘cost’ you will encounter is the mining fee which is paid to the miner who mines the block that includes your transaction.

Evolve Balancing

Old sky shards can be converted into a new type of shard at a trader. These new shards can be used both for item and character evolves. They can be obtained with a daily limit per character. The evolve costs have been adjusted, too.

Furthermore, the equipment item UI has been reworked which should ease the evolve process considerably. It now allows several evolves per transaction.

Synchronization Performance Improvement

We also substantially reworked the syncing mechanism which improves syncing speed for version 16 and 17 a lot and allows faster syncing in the future without the preloaded blockchain service. Moreover, we added a preloaded game state. It will be downloaded once and is then used as starting point for synchronization. In case of a resync only the blockchain part after this point needs to be loaded again.

Zoomable Map and Character Deletion

The map is now zoomable and you can delete characters via the context menu

Here is a list of all changes and fixes:


  • Removed subscription and trading fee
  • Reworked syncing mechanism for much faster syncing speed
  • Balanced evolve formula for character and item evolves
  • Added a new evolve resource which can be obtained with a daily limit per character
  • Adjusted “Realmgate” quests
  • Added a trader to convert older sky shards into a new type of shard
  • Adjusted trader prices for rare metal fragments
  • Adjusted dismantle revenue for items evolved before version 17
  • All effects can now be chosen for tier 9 set items at the equipment trader
  • Epic equipment items of tier 9 bosses now drop with a random effect
  • Added curse immunity against “Curse of Zhiogga” for tier 8 set items
  • Added curse immunity against “Curse of Zhiogga” and “Curse of the Dark Pharaoh” to tier 9 set items
  • The map is now zoomable
  • Depot resources are now displayed within a trader and at resource quests
  • Added an option to the character context menu to delete characters
  • Added an option to the character context menu to move a character to bottom or top
  • Equipment items can now be evolved several times per transaction
  • Reworked the GUI for equipment item infos, evolve and level up
  • Enhanced equipment item tooltip
  • Added a sort and display option for “price per unit” for trade offers
  • Added a subfilter for presents and events
  • Account addresses can now be enter in leaderboard to enter VOA mode
  • Account addresses can now be copied to clipboard
  • Increased search speed for trade offers
  • The “Create Character” screen can now be entered to retrieve class infos even if no character can be created anymore
  • Increased possible resource amount for trade offers
  • Added a preloaded game state as starting point for synchronization
  • Reduced GPU usage
  • Some minor performance improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Set correct attributes for tier 9 battlemage equipment
  • Set correct values for Saglometh
  • Nefarian Kilt now has correct attributes for priests
  • Fixed a rare bug leading to not released depot slots on trader purchases
  • Fixed some space problems with too long texts
  • Fixed mempool transactions which were not cleaned up
  • Fixed some visual bugs in the inventory
  • Fixed a reset selection bug for traders
  • Fixed a bug when switching accounts saying “Key is alread set”
  • Fixed a bug allowing consumables to be dragged in VOA mode
  • Fixed a minor visual bug in trading filters
  • Fixed a minor wallet bug
  • Fixed a minor leaderboard bug


This final update marks the end of LiteBringer’s development and our active support for the game and all CipSoft-related services.

Thank you for all your help, dedication and enthusiasm, for accompanying us on this adventurous journey and giving us a chance to explore true blockchain gaming together with you. We embrace and value the experiences we made and the lessons we learned, but most of all we cherish you, our community, for the courage, passion and commitment you have shown. The memories we have made thanks to you will not be forgotten.

Farewell, LiteBringers, here’s to you!

If we do meet again, we’ll smile indeed;
If not, ’tis true this parting was well made.

William Shakespeare