Let’s take a look at update 16

The release of update 16 is getting closer, LiteBringers, right in time to wrap up an eventful year. Are you curious about what we have prepared this time? Then read on, and also check back later as further sneak peeks will be added to this article once a week!

Rising from Dust

Update 16 will take you on a journey to the arid heat of Ankharash, a new area with wavy dunes as far as the eye can see, sand and dust everywhere, in your shoes, in your pockets, in your eyes and hair, even in your mouth. It is an otherworldly kind of beauty, breathtaking and hypnotizing as the hot air bends the daylight, creating distorions to lead you astray.

And in the biting cold of desert nights, you will find yourself shivering in this dry and barren place which seems so lifeless at first glance. As you are looking for an oasis or a lonely river, scattered ruins of former splendor tell tales of a forgotten empire with a majestic, eerie black pyramid at its heart like a foreboding prophecy of death. Which secrets lie buried in this eternal tomb?

Make your way through Ankharash as you face the undead servants and immortal slaves of the Dark Pharaoh. Stand your ground against seven new bosses to be rewarded with precious emblems that you can trade for new intricately adorned Tier 9 sets, one for each class, and two new trinkets.

Dark Afflictions

But beware, treasure hunters! Don’t fall victim to the blight of this land!

You may hold powerful gear in your hands already but a curse strikes deep. Curses are a new monster ability reducing the power of a character’s equipment while being used against this monster. Different types of curses can afflict you so prepare yourself properly before you head out. Check the monster details in the quest overview to find out which curses you will have to deal with.

Certain items, though, can have an immunity against a specific curse or even curses in general. Immunities will be unlocked at level 15. They will be displayed in the items tooltip and detail section.
A curse will reduce the power of an item without immunity against this curse type by an absolute base value and per-round value. The exact calculation of a character’s equipment power affected by curses will be shown in the monster tooltip as new category.

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