Let’s take a look at update 16, part III

Release 16 is around the corner! Check out the final teaser to conclude our update sneak peek.

Last week, we gave you a glimpse on three new seasonal events you can look forward to. Each of them will give you the opportunity to obtain something special:


Consumables are a new item type which can be obtained as reward from seasonal quests. Whether it is a baked apple, a dragon costume or an evasion potion, a consumable will bestow a temporary ability bonus onto your character. They can add a power value to your base power or increase a character attribute. Some can also raise your base power against a specific monster type by a certain percentage or boost the experience points your character gains per round.

Whatever benefit is granted, it is not permanent. A consumable will be used up if you send your character to a quest while having the item in question equipped. It will be consumed after the first round and will grant its bonus for the whole quest duration. Before sending a character on a quest, the confirmation dialogue will inform you about the item you are about to consume.

Consumables go into a new bodyslot in the inventory. It comes with a checkbox for auto refill which is deactivated by default. If you tick this checkbox, the bodyslot will be automatically refilled with the equipped consumable if you have any of this particular consumable left.

You can save and load equipped consumables with item compilations, including the selected auto refill setting.

Consumables are stored within a new sub tab with filters in your depot. You will also be able to trade consumables via a new offer type entry.

Date-Based Weekly Quest

In order to make weekly quests more predictable so you can better plan ahead, we will change them to a date-based timing.

The four Colosseum quests will be available for an entire day (24 hours) and can be completed 10 times. This matches the maximum of possible completions with the older block-based duration. Tier 3 will start every Tuesday at 00:00 UTC and Tier 5 every Thursday at 00:00 UTC. The restart time of the three training scroll quests will be set to Monday, 00:00 UTC.

Metal Fragment Exchange

Have you been craving for an additional way to get your hands on rare metal fragments? Then you should definitly seek out Hagaf Glesk. He is an alchemist by trade and a collector of metal fragments by heart. Even ordinary things are extraordinary in his eyes. Hence, he is willing to part with rare metal fragments from his collection in exchange for normal fragments of the same tier together with sky shards. He exchanges metal fragments from tier 2 to tier 6.

If you want to trade in emblems for rare fragments, Howard Philips will be your man for tier 7 and George Wilcox for tier 8. The sturdy new trader Rhys Sallah will hammer a deal for tier 9.