About LiteBringer’s future

Developing LiteBringer was a bold undertaking. The first fully decentralized game on Litecoin.

It was a daring step into the unknown which required courage and passion, not only from us but also from you, the players. Courage has its root in the Latin word for heart, cor. And indeed, you, the LiteBringer community, have always been at the heart of this adventurous endeavor.

We relished the opportunity to explore untrodden paths together with you. Just like we put a lot of time and resources into LiteBringer’s development, you put a lot into contributing and supporting us through ups and downs. We truly appreciate how you have always been generous with honest feedback and suggestions.

However, despite our combined efforts to breathe more life into the game, LiteBringer’s player numbers failed to gain sustainable traction but dwindled away instead. It became more and more apparent that we had reached an impasse. Throughout the last weeks, we thoroughly analyzed and assessed the state of LiteBringer, its problems and challenges, and its future.

After carefully considering all aspects and our options, we have made the difficult decision to stop the further development of LiteBringer. A decision which we hereby announce with a heavy heart.

Discontinuation of Development

We are aware that there are still ideas and proposals we have not yet explored with the game, many of which were not only suggested by the community but also found an echo within the team. Yet, we had to conclude that any adjustment which only scratches the surface cannot fundamentally change the appeal of LiteBringer to attract a wider audience.

While crypto games utilizing non-fungible tokens to reward players have surged in popularity, this trend has also given rise to higher player expectations in regards to the monetization of their gaming experiences. Expectations which LiteBringer cannot meet in a way that would attract and satisfy a large enough player base, including more casual players. Trying to adapt to these expectations would require a radical and massive redesign in various aspects with a whole string of consequences which would completely alter the character of LiteBringer and its spirit in the end. It would be a high-risk, cost- and time-intensive endeavor with a highly uncertain outcome.

Since we do not consider such a change worthwhile, we will discontinue the development of LiteBringer, our active support for the game and all CipSoft-related services with the release of a final update around the end of March 2022.

The Final Update

This update will remove the subscription and all trading fees, and also include a few minor balancing changes. LiteBringer will still be playable after this update since it lives on the Litecoin blockchain. Players who at the point of this announcement already stocked up subscriptions which would make them pay for the game beyond said update, will be automatically reimbursed for the overpayment.

We are also trying to find a way to preserve this Discord server by transferring its ownership to capable hands if possible.

We are grateful to every single one of you for your courage and enthusiasm, your patience and support, your loyalty and honesty. Thank you for inspiring us in so many ways! The development of Litebringer taught us many lessons and we are proud of what we have achieved together with YOU, because the game would have been nothing without its passionate and dedicated community.

Together, we embraced, believed and trusted in LiteBringer’s revolutionary potential. We stepped into what was and still is mostly uncharted territory – true blockchain gaming. Trying to leave a trail where there was no path.

We feel honored that you accompanied us in this adventure and we salute you, LiteBringers!