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Why LiteBringer uses SegWit and P2WPKH

In LiteBringer we use addresses encoded with Bech32 with compressed keys. For us, using SegWit addresses fits our needs perfectly to keep our players safe.

Never ever use your main wallet

You can use any wallet using SegWit and is written in the Bech32 format. But you should not! Here is the reason why this can cause serious problems.

Will LiteBringer clog up the Litecoin network?

When LiteBringer starts on Mainnet the number of transactions will drastically increase. But can the Litecoin network withstand the pressure?

Coping with mega forks

Something really strange happened on the Testnet just a few days before our update which also inflicted our gamers. This is how we dealt with it.

Does LiteBringer use tokens?

LiteBringer does use tokens, but in a very different way compared to games working on Ethereum or any other Blockchain using smart contracts.