Category: Blockchain Basics

What tokens are and what they do.

What tokens are and what they do

Today, tokens are used in many areas of life, without anyone thinking about it. In blockchain-backed technology, they are at the center of attention. Here is why.

All you need to know about transaction fees

While you won’t really recognize the small transaction fee it is the very reason blockchains will live forever. Here is the reason why.

Blockchain Applications: How industries can benefit

Blockchain technology is here to stay and will influence many aspects of everyday life. Here are just a few examples where it will change our lives forever.

How to choose the best cryptocurrency exchange

Choosing an exchange is one of the hardest tasks for a beginner. This article helps you to pick the right one for you.

What kind of crypto wallet fits your needs best

Choosing the right kind of wallet can be difficult. There are several types of wallets providing different ways to store and access digital currency.

How mining cryptocurrency works

The chance is high that as you have heard the phrase “crypto mining” for the first time your mind began to wander to a fantasy of hardworking dirty miners and pickaxes. That analogy is not too far off.

How and why LiteBringer uses blockchain-technology

Games on centralized servers have many limitations and vulnerabilities we were able to overcome with LiteBringer. Here is how and why we did it!

Why LiteBringer is special even for a blockchain game

Blockchain technology is the next big thing in gaming. But it can be used on totally different levels. LiteBringer reached the next one.