Why LiteBringer is special even for a blockchain game

Blockchain technology is the next big thing in gaming. But it can be used on totally different levels. LiteBringer reached the next one.

Utilizing the blockchain is not a completely new thing when it comes to games. Up to now, there are dozens of games that utilize blockchain technology to grant their players true ownership of their gained progress. Only, they operate on servers like all the games have done so far. As a result, a gamer may be the true owner of their assets, but the moment the server of a game shuts down, the assets lose all value because they cannot be used anymore.

Since we believe in the future of blockchain driven technology, it was clear that the next game we were going to develop had to be a blockchain game. However, we wanted to make a ‘real’ blockchain game that operates independently of its creators.

We locked ourselves in the attic and brooded over a way how we can do that and — eventually — we figured it out. After years of development, we can now proudly present our game LiteBringer.

How it works

We decided that it should use one of the major and broadly accepted blockchains in order to be accepted by as many players and blockchain enthusiasts as possible. At the same time we wanted to get more people into using cryptocurrency. Consequently, the Bitcoin blockchain was our favorite candidate.

The problem was the block time was too long to use it for an exciting trading RPG, so we swapped it with its “little” and faster brother Litecoin and it worked well. As a truly decentralized application, the whole game takes place in the Litecoin blockchain, with no servers involved, giving the players unprecedented control over the game.

The game logic itself is written in C# where we use openly available programming interfaces to receive and send blockchain transactions.

To create a corresponding graphical client we use Unity. In order to use a Unity client, we had to solve some great challenges: The asynchronous updates when a block is received, handling resource management when using 3rd party programming interfaces and providing all relevant information to the player while providing good user experience.

The client itself does not contain any blockchain logic at all, this is all handled by a core application containing the game logic to read and write game operations, handling different game versions, write into a continuous/rolling database and much more.

Every client has to know everything that has ever been written in the blockchain. To save our players download time, we offer a preloaded blockchain to minimize the waiting time.

In the beginning, you have to choose between a fighter, rogue or sorcerer.
In the beginning, you have to choose between a fighter, rogue or sorcerer.

What LiteBringer is about

LiteBringer is an idle RPG game based on a complex economy/trading system. It is dedicated to hardcore players and investors that love to speculate on the development of markets.

Level up a fighter, rogue or sorcerer and promote them to an advanced class which is even more powerful. As a fighter you can become a warrior, knight or paladin, while you may choose from assassin, pirate or bard when playing as a rogue. In case you choose to be a sorcerer, you can evolve to a battle mage, priest or warlock later on.

Every move you make in the game is a transaction in the Litecoin blockchain that creates value. Every weapon, item and even your characters can be traded safely and without limits.

In order to earn money playing LiteBringer, you have to level up as fast as possible and play smarter than other players. The quests are organized in tiers. If you succeed in unlocking a new tier faster than other players, you will be able to farm resources, which are needed to level up, more effectively and get new armor before everyone else.

Easy to see, that there is some money to be made.