Which exchange we recommend

While there is a huge number of legitimate exchanges, there are some that fit the needs of our gamers better than others. Here is why we recommend the following exchanges.

The number of legitimate exchanges is growing constantly just like the number of those you’d be best to avoid. While there are certain factors, which you should always check before you register, you should also take a look at whether a specific crypto exchange fits your personal needs.

For instance, one exchange can be perfect for a day trader but an extremely bad choice for a long-term investor. A long-term investor probably won’t mind a higher trading fee if the exchange doesn’t charge for an insured storage option on the funds. A day trader on the other hand would lose a huge part of his profits if they had to pay something every time they made a trade. It is the intended use that determines what a “good exchange” and a “bad pick” is.

Best exchanges for LiteBringer

The same is true in case you just want some LTC to play LiteBringer. Most gamers are already familiar with cryptocurrencies and have already got an account at an exchange. For this reason our number 1 priority is to suggest an exchange depending on how easy they are to use, assuming we are now advising new players. We also assumed that our players don’t want to invest hundreds of Dollars, so services with a high minimum deposit are also a no-go.

We’ve decided to recommend two exchanges, which will surely help you. Both Binance and Coinbase will exactly fit your needs. They are both very beginner friendly. You can view these step-by-step guides about how you can register at Binance and Coinbase.

In addition, both of those fulfill a requirement which is very much needed for LiteBringer that not all exchanges can offer. They support Segwit Bech-32 addresses. There are several different Litecoin address formats, the most recent one starting with the prefix ltc1. This latest address format is not yet supported by every service provider.

However, Binance and Coinbase are not only for beginners, so you can stick with them once you become more experienced. At Binance you can easily access the advanced section while it is not as transparent at Coinbase.

Special recommendations

While you can use Binance and Coinbase in many different countries, there are exchanges that offer a service which probably fits the needs of LiteBringer gamers even better. For instance, if you are in Europe you may consider using Anycoin Direct. It has by far the lowest minimum deposit limits. Consequently you can buy just the amount of lites that you currently need.

While we have recommended Coinbase before, we want to bring your attention to a special service they offer. It is mainly dedicated to newcomers and it is called Coinbase Earn. It enables you to earn several different cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is watch a short video and answer the multiple-choice question that follows.

Once you have registered at Coinbase, you can request access to their learning area. It might take some time until you can join. When you register, wait until you receive an E-Mail from them. Please note, that Coinbase Earn is only available in some countries.

If you are from Brazil you have another option. Daniel Hatano, an official reseller of Tibia Coins, sells Litecoin in small batches.