How to get started

Download our mainnet client to play directly on the Litecoin blockchain. Trade with others and earn real money. You are just one click away from earning Litecoin while enjoying our game.

Litebringer is not available for Unknown.

Subscription fees

You need a subscription to obtain assets for a character. We have decided to reduce the subscription fees so it only costs 2 lites. After an initial phase, we will get back to the normal price of roughly 1 Euro per character per month.

To minimize the impact of fluctuations in the market price, we will routinely adjust the subscription fees. Whenever we do that, we will announce it one month in advance.

Installing LiteBringer

Getting started

Testnet client still available

We wanted to keep an option to test features and give you the chance to keep on playing on your current test account, which is why we will continue supporting the testnet client for some time. If you just want to test our game, the testnet client is everything you are looking for.

Like on mainnet, you will automatically get some transactions for free. If you want more, you can easily get them from different public faucets or contact us by email or on Discord.

Litebringer is not available for Unknown.